CONTEXT Health offers a home for clinical systems used in everyday medical practice. Our vision has been to create a user friendly, safe environment for clinicians in all fields of medicine to communicate for the purposes of multidisciplinary (MDT) discussions and GP consultations, whilst adhering to the strict clinical governance necessary for data security.

CONTEXT Health is working with Hospital Trusts within the NHS in the UK, private hospital groups, as well as surgical colleges, both national and international.

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The CONTEXT Health system is an app-based solution, enabling users to communicate effectively with other health professionals and patients using a High Definition, low bandwidth solution. The system is versatile in that it can be accessed from both tablet device and desktop and is at home in city areas as well as remote regional sites with sufficient mobile phone coverage.

Our aim is to enable clinical systems to be accessed with relative ease and at the same time ensure high levels of security for this most sensitive of data. The CONTEXT system works using a modular approach so that clients may access only the data that they require at any given time.

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